How to Properly Care for Your Leather Furniture

As you know, furniture is an investment, so of course you want it looking brand new for as long as you can! If you are purchasing leather, keep in mind it’s a more delicate material and requires regular upkeeping.  A few simple ways to keep up good maintenance is to wipe it down with a clean and dry cloth regularly. Micro-fiber material is best, you never want to use abrasive material or scrubbers. When it’s time to vacuum, don’t forget about your furniture. Sometimes we forget about wha ....

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Howard's How To: Justify Using a Delivery Ser

Howard's How To: Justify Using a Delivery Service

When you’re buying furniture, you know that it is an investment, and you want to make sure that it’s in perfect condition when it arrives at your home so it can last you for years and years!   We know everyone loves the feeling of instant gratification and we understand not wanting to wait for delivery or even pay for it. But let’s talk about all the benefits you are missing out on by not opting in for delivery services!  To start, you know when you’re buying furniture that it is an ....

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How To with Howard's: Make a Small Room Feel

How To with Howard's: Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

1.       The first and most obvious answer is to remove the clutter! This does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of anything. It can be as simple as getting the right piece of furniture to store your items in and on. This can also apply to walls, too many décor items can crowd the room and close off the space. 2.       Another common response is to think about the placement of the furniture. Bigger items should be flush against the wall leaving more open space on the floor. ....

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Howard's How To: Pack Your Furniture for a Mo

Howard's How To: Pack Your Furniture for a Move

First, you will need to identify the large pieces. Specifically, pieces that won’t fit through doorframes and staircases or items of value that may need to be disassembled in order to travel safely. This might include bedframes, desks, armoires, tables, and more. The crucial piece of this is to remember how to put them back together, if you’re wary, try taking photos or videos of the disassembly. For the easiest removal, begin packing from the entry/exit to the opposite end. That will remove ....

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Howard’s How to: Pick an Interior Design Color

Howard’s How to: Pick an Interior Design Color Palette

1.       If you have a large centerpiece in the room, look at those colors and build around it! For example, if you have a large and in charge, bright blue couch. You may want to incorporate that color in other ways, and/or colors that compliment it well. 2.       Generally, three colors are more than enough to create depth and variety in a room! That doesn’t mean 3 is rock bottom, you can pick a variety of shades and hues of color. 3.       Search up a color wheel! The mos ....

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Howard’s How to: Decorate with a Farmhouse Styl

Howard’s How to: Decorate with a Farmhouse Style

Neutral Colors are Your Best Friends, But NOT Your Only Friend   Well, this first subtitle is winning no awards for subtly, but this is a great tip to begin with! Especially if you are starting with a blank canvas, there are a few things you can add to add to the farmhouse feeling! For starters, it showcases a beautiful wood floor and keeps a neutral wall color, preferably an earth tone! Off-white, beige, eggshell and all the creative paint names in that range are great choices! That is ....

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