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Howard’s How To: Decorate for Summer

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We still have around 60 days until summer officially starts. That means there is plenty of time to add some finishing touches to your home, to give it a nice summer POP! Summer can be a great time to stop and smell the roses. You can slow down a bit, spend time outside, and enjoy the nice reset!    Since there is still plenty of time, we wanted to give you a quick Howard’s How To List, on how to decorate your home for the summer, or maybe just get it more summer-friendly!    Summer ....

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Howard’s How To: Spring Cleaning

Read time est.: 2 min 12 sec

Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, and people are looking for a fresh, clean start. Sure, cleaning happens all the time. But spring cleaning, that is different… I mean we are talking moving furniture, going through closets, the whole nine yards!    So we are making it easier on you, by giving you our guide on spring cleaning!    Room by Room Clear-Out   We don’t care where you start, but you have to start. A closet is a big one, go through those clothes, and give up ....

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How-To Fall in Love with Your Home Again

How-To Fall in Love with Your Home Again

Read time est.: 2 min 22 sec

It’s been a few years and pets, kids, clutter, scratches, scuffs, and stains have infiltrated your home. It’s not the same home you once fell in love with, but it can be. This Valentine’s Day, bring date night back home to the one place you truly love. We have a few ideas to help you fall head over heels for your home all over again.  Paint:  The simplest way to immediately change the space is to paint! You don't even need to go for a traditional full-room paint job. Pick a wall and ma ....

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Howard’s How To: Accessorize Your Home

Howard’s How To: Accessorize Your Home

Read time est.: 1 min 54 sec

Adding accessories to your home can be the easiest way to add charm and character to a space, without having to make the same financial commitment as new furniture pieces! There are so many different types of accessories you could potentially add to liven up a space, so let’s get into it!     Rugs    Rugs are a piece that can be added to ANY room. Yes, we said any, some people think carpeted rooms can not have a rug, but sometimes there is a pop of color, or texture that is ju ....

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How To: Have the Best Shopping Day in Bowling Gre

How To: Have the Best Shopping Day in Bowling Green, MO

Read time est.: 2 min 16 sec

Our hometown of Bowling Green, Missouri, has been growing for the last few years! This growth has led to a boom of locally owned and operated places to eat, shop, and interact with the community! We have been in operation since 2004, meaning this is our 20th anniversary, so we have seen this community through two decades! So here are some of our favorite locally owned and operated businesses!  Bankhead’s Homemade Candies   Talk about the candy of your childhood! These candies ar ....

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How To Make Your Home Host-Ready for the Holidays

Read time est.: 2 min 46 sec

  Everyone knows traveling for the holidays is exhausting but no one talks about the stress of hosting! Whether you’re only hosting dinner or trying to find enough beds for the whole family, the work never ends! We’ve got a few house hacks to keep your home holiday host ready, all year round!    Food is a must during the holiday season and with food comes hungry bellies to fill. As a host you’re trying to make sure everyone has food, but also that you can enjoy it together! Making sp ....

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How to Properly Care for Your Leather Furniture

Read time est.: 2 min 2 sec

As you know, furniture is an investment, so of course you want it looking brand new for as long as you can! If you are purchasing leather, keep in mind it’s a more delicate material and requires regular upkeeping.  A few simple ways to keep up good maintenance is to wipe it down with a clean and dry cloth regularly. Micro-fiber material is best, you never want to use abrasive material or scrubbers. When it’s time to vacuum, don’t forget about your furniture. Sometimes we forget about wha ....

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Howard's How To: Justify Using a Delivery Ser

Howard's How To: Justify Using a Delivery Service

Read time est.: 2 min 27 sec

When you’re buying furniture, you know that it is an investment, and you want to make sure that it’s in perfect condition when it arrives at your home so it can last you for years and years!   We know everyone loves the feeling of instant gratification and we understand not wanting to wait for delivery or even pay for it. But let’s talk about all the benefits you are missing out on by not opting in for delivery services!  To start, you know when you’re buying furniture that it is an ....

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How To with Howard's: Make a Small Room Feel

How To with Howard's: Make a Small Room Feel Bigger

Read time est.: 2 min 9 sec

1.       The first and most obvious answer is to remove the clutter! This does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of anything. It can be as simple as getting the right piece of furniture to store your items in and on. This can also apply to walls, too many décor items can crowd the room and close off the space. 2.       Another common response is to think about the placement of the furniture. Bigger items should be flush against the wall leaving more open space on the floor. ....

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Howard's How To: Pack Your Furniture for a Mo

Howard's How To: Pack Your Furniture for a Move

Read time est.: 2 min 19 sec

First, you will need to identify the large pieces. Specifically, pieces that won’t fit through doorframes and staircases or items of value that may need to be disassembled in order to travel safely. This might include bedframes, desks, armoires, tables, and more. The crucial piece of this is to remember how to put them back together, if you’re wary, try taking photos or videos of the disassembly. For the easiest removal, begin packing from the entry/exit to the opposite end. That will remove ....

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