1. Neutral Colors are Your Best Friends, But NOT Your Only Friend


Well, this first subtitle is winning no awards for subtly, but this is a great tip to begin with! Especially if you are starting with a blank canvas, there are a few things you can add to add to the farmhouse feeling! For starters, it showcases a beautiful wood floor and keeps a neutral wall color, preferably an earth tone! Off-white, beige, eggshell and all the creative paint names in that range are great choices!

That is just your base, don’t be scared to add some pops of color to your decoration choices! The color choice is yours, but a rusty red is one choice we absolutely love! It reminds us of a beautiful field with a sturdy old red barn in the distance, talk about a farmhouse! It can be something as simple as a stack of books, with a pop of red!


  1. In with the Old, In with the New


          Again, subtly is not a strong suit in this blog. This one is important because it can be easy to get wrapped up in buying the perfect products to complete your dream home. While we encourage you to buy all the elements you need, we also encourage you to look at any sentimental items or items you may have collected that could now have a spot to shine!


  1. Showcase Natural Elements


          If you are lucky enough to have exposed wooden beams, we are extremely jealous of you! If you are building, you may want to consider adding them for a beautiful natural touch that is bound to catch the eyes of anyone who enters! Some of us sadly do not have access to these architectural centerpieces, but that does not mean you can not add other natural elements. Furniture with wooden legs can add a touch of nature or a wooden TV console. Stone, brick, metals, and glass are other options to incorporate well into the farmhouse style. You can mix and match these elements to your liking, and the easiest element to add, is nature light, open up those curtains!

A large exposed wood kitchen table with the right accessories can make the entire room. Picture it! An imperfect, perfect solid wood table, with a beautiful handmade table runner, a wire basket filled with fresh fruits, and a glass pitcher of sweet tea ready for you! We think that is one beautiful image.


We know this may not be everything you need to do to create your dream farmhouse-style home, but we think it is a great guide to getting started! Our last piece of advice is to come down to our physical store location and check out our amazing furniture options! We have so many furniture and accessory options that would look perfect in your dream farmhouse-style home!