1.       If you have a large centerpiece in the room, look at those colors and build around it! For example, if you have a large and in charge, bright blue couch. You may want to incorporate that color in other ways, and/or colors that compliment it well.

2.       Generally, three colors are more than enough to create depth and variety in a room! That doesn’t mean 3 is rock bottom, you can pick a variety of shades and hues of color.

3.       Search up a color wheel! The most color schemes are created using combinations on this wheel! Colors directly across from one another are called complementary colors, which work nicely together, and both stand out together! Analogous schemes are made from colors that are directly next to each other, they tend to be similar colors, and create a more monotone look!

4.       Do not be scared to play with darker or lighter shades of your chosen colors, all the way to white and black! These can be great colors to use as a filler or base color!

5.       The interior design rule of color is that 60% of the dominating color should be present. The next 30% should be the secondary color, and that leaves 10% of room to decorate in your accent color!


Remember, this is your home! No one can tell you what color and how of it to put in your house! Your personal style should always shine through.