First, you will need to identify the large pieces. Specifically, pieces that won’t fit through doorframes and staircases or items of value that may need to be disassembled in order to travel safely. This might include bedframes, desks, armoires, tables, and more. The crucial piece of this is to remember how to put them back together, if you’re wary, try taking photos or videos of the disassembly. For the easiest removal, begin packing from the entry/exit to the opposite end. That will remove all the clutter out of your way as you get ready to move your larger pieces.

If you plan on getting a moving truck, you will want to invest in some protective packing materials. Different pieces will require different levels of protection so make sure you account for all your items. Common packing materials include blankets for sofas and mattresses. Bubble wrap for fragile and breakable items. Plastic wrap to protect fabrics or even wood from scratching and elemental damage. If you have mirrors or glass pieces, taping cardboard over it will keep it from shattering in case of accidental bumps or drops. And of course, you’ll need some packing tape but remember not to tape directly on to painted or finished surfaces.  For highest protection wrap each item in two to three layers of material.

When it comes to electronics, they can be the most difficult to pack due to their fragility and value. The best way to pack them is to place them back into their original boxes. Now if you’re like most people odds are you did not keep the original packaging. In that case, if the electronic is small enough, wrap it in a layer of plastic to protect it from water (just in case) and a generous layer of bubble wrap, then find a box that will fit its size and doesn’t leave room for tossing and turning. If they don’t fit into a box, after you wrap them, you may want to strap them down or place them in a safe space between other soft furniture pieces.


When it comes time to load the truck the biggest mistake is placing all the heavy items together. It’s best to spread them throughout the truck for a smoother drive. In fact, if possible, it’s best to place all the heavy items around the edge to create easier access when loading and unloading the truck. Place pictures and mirrors between mattresses for an extra layer of protection. If you’re able, try to load couches vertically to avoid taking up unnecessary floor space; this is also helpful if you were unable to or chose not to take your couch apart!